Toggi - Wonderful

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We just finished mixing and mastering Toggi's new single, entitled 'Wonderful'.

If there ever was an 'inside job' this is it. Composed by Toggi and the band, Wonderful was produced by Bjarki and Don Pedro, and mixed by Addi800 over at Syrland Studios. Radioplay will start next week, but since you have come all the way to the internet, it wouldn't be fair of us not to let you have a listen:

And while you listen, here are some production details for you:

Wonderful was recorded on May 27th 2007 at Studio 12B in Reykjavik. That's right, more than a year ago.

We had a strict policy of one song per day for the session, and recorded 2 over that weekend. The whole band played all takes of the track, no scratch takes were allowed, we tried to keep a live feel and performance.

Consequently the band took a break, Toggi spawned a beautiful son (with some help from his fiance), and was absolutely too happy and fluffy to write lyrics for the songs. We tried our hardest to make his life miserable, finally succeded, and started recording vocals and minor overdubs last month at our own studio, Wömbin™. From there straight to Addi 800 for mixing. The other song, Silly Old Song will be released in approximately 2 months time.

Song Credits:

Music: Toggi, Don Pedro, Bjarki Jonsson, Helgi Egilsson and Hallgrimur Jon Hallgrímsson. Mostly Toggi though.
Lyrics and vocals: Toggi
Keyboards, programming: Bjarki Jonsson
Bass: Helgi Egilsson
Drums, percussion: Hallgrimur Jon Hallgrimsson
Guitars, programming: Don Pedro
Additional programming: Addi 800

Produced and engineered at Studio12b and Wömbin™ by Bjarki Jonsson and Don Pedro.
Mixed by Addi 800 and mastered by Bjarni Bragi Kjartansson, both at Studio Syrland.

Wonderful is available on 'Wonderful Secrets', right here: