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We have been doing extensive market research to see how we can make Toggi as famous as Justin Bieber without having to comb his hair backwardsClusters of supercomputers have been crunching our data for reliable predictions and based on this very scientific research, we have gathered the following data:

You are here, and you are reading this.
You like good music that you can get for free.
You have heard 2,31 Toggi songs.
Songs with The Boys Choir of Breiðholt in them are likely to become wildly popular.
There is an 83,75% chance that you are going to like this song.
If you don't, there is a 1,44% probability that you like Celine Dion and/or Kenny G.

So, now you know the statistics, time to hear the song, download it for free, and share it with your friends:

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Take Me Dancing can be found on Toggi's 'Wonderful Secrets' with full credits and lyrics. Please check out the album here and buy it if you like it: