Bógó & Lóló reach coveted no.1 chart position

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Icelandic Charts number One
Making music for commercials is what we do for a living. When that music then has a life of it's own outside the commercial breaks, it gives us extra pleasure. Our clients don't hate when it happens either, as it also adds value to their campaigns. 

We already posted about this song earlier, and now we can show you the spots the sing was used in, and brag a bit about the fact that the song has just now disappeared from the Icelandic charts, where it has been on the top 10 list for several weeks, peaking at number one, and proving to be a popular summer hit. 

The spots  highlight the fact that the Icelandic national handball teams are sponsored (in equal measures) by the Sheep meat council of Iceland. They were conceived and commissioned by agency: H:N and directed by Reynir Lyngdal for Pegasus.

The song is still here, download it for free by clicking, well, 'download': It is also a part of this compilation of popular songs

It's all about positivity for Atlantsolía

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Eberg just finished writing and producing a really catchy track for this commercial for Atlantsolía, the leading low-cost fuel provider in Iceland.

The spot, produced by Tjarnargatan for agency H:N Markaðssamskipti and directed by Gulli Maggi promotes random acts of kindness, and encourages us to make the day a little bit brighter for each other.

It is sung by Eygló Scheving, of Vicky fame. And here's how it goes:

Bógó & Lóló | Betri en þú

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Bógó & Lóló - Betri En Þú
One of our clients needed a retro song with Icelandic lyrics where a male and female argue for the supremacy of their own gender in a fun way. We quickly found out that no such song existed, so there was only one thing to do. We made one.

It's called 'Betri en þú', which (obviously) means' better than you'. 

We did this with the help of two of Iceland's two most beloved performers, Sigtryggur Baldursson and Sigríður Thorlacius, who for this project perform as the duo Bógó & Lóló.

And here it is, free to download, please enjoy responsibly.

Katla Volcano & 4 other Icelandic Legends

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Katla Volcano Icelandic Legends
We had to do this. 5 Classic Icelandic folk tales re-written and presented in a less-traditional-more-fun-than-before kind of way, with sound effects and other modern amenities, for people with a sense of humour.

Enjoy hearing the story behind Katla, the Gullfoss waterfall, Gilitrutt the troll, Þingvellir’s majestic river Öxará - and there is even a story about a merman. Yes. A merman. So, all you needed, really.

All these stories belong to the most visited tourist destinations on the south coast of Iceland. Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating them (We had fun, you'll hear it). Here are a couple of previews for you:

Click here for digital purchase on iTunes Store:

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Nova embrace 4G broadband with a swing

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Nova 4G
Our friends over at Brandenburg just headed a new campaign for NOVA telecom to promote the ease of use of their 4G broadband network in a simple and cheerful way.

We teamed up with them and Don Pedro wrote and produced a spiffy electro-swing track and added some sound effects to the animated spots, which were crafted in-house at Brandenburg.