Addi 800 mixes Diego Buongiorno's 'The Bush'

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The Bush is an innovative project of narrative music conceived, written, composed, arranged and produced by composer Diego Buongiorno. It's scheduled for a release in December 2012. And it's of course being mixed here in Iceland by Addi 800, in his studio, Room 313

In the words of the composer himself: 'The Bush embodies a new approach to the creative process crossing Music, Art and Technology in a contemporary product that you can not define only as a musical album. As a project, The Bush hosts more than 50 people from all over the world, including international musicians, artists and designers; it really is a complex and complete opera, an epic journey through Art and Music'.

Not only that, but it's going to sound great. It will feature (amongst others) The Irrepressibles, Clare & the Reasons, Jo Hamilton and Sabina Sciubba from Brazilian Girls.

Some of the many artists involved are Icelandic, The Bush will feature strings from our friends Amiina, drummer Einar Scheving, the SJS Brass section, Arnar plays bass on some tracks, and Don Pedro even plays a tormented guitar on one of the songs. 

If you are curious and want to know more, go to Diego's Facebook page, where you will find very interesting footage and documentation from the creation of the project.

Gear Porn™ - Telefunken AK477 Microphones

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Now. Time for some gearsluttery, as this section of the site does not even come close to representing how much we love good gear. Normal people beware.

When you look at this picture, you would obviously assume that you are looking at a pair of audio nerds with their Telefunken AK-47MkIIs. And while that is a logical conclusion, you would be wrong. What these are, are AK-477s. Never heard of them? No? We know.

Hipsters that we are, got our hands on a pair of these directly from Telefunken Elektroakustik, from their Custom Shop. There are not many of these around, and they are not available in their standard product line, at least not yet. We think they should be though, and hope they will.

We've tried the AK-47s and they are great mics, and a true bargain for their price. But this is something else. Telefunken fitted these custom mics with the legendary M7 capsule, the same as they use in their top of the line microphones.

The AK-477 has quickly become one of our favorite vocal mics, with great smooth highs and a lot of punch and character, sometimes outshining some really great competitors. And they are here to stay, as Addi 800 and Don Pedro each got one, so they can be used as a pair should the need arise.

Thank you Telefunken Elektroakoustik for making two nerds happy, we'll take good care of them!

Björk's Biophilia mastered in Room 313

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Björk is without any question Iceland's biggest name in music. Her innovative style and unique voice have generated the respect and admiration of millions of fans worldwide. Biophilia is right out there on the cutting edge of music, media and musical ambition. 

Well, we could go on and on, but there are many people out on the interwebs who can write clever things about the album, which has received rave reviews and a BRIT nomination. 

What makes this special for us is that the album was mastered by Mandy Parnell in Addi 800's studio Room 313, with his engineering help.

Mandy is a real veteran, you should check out her work .:here:. Better still; she is also very nice to work with and to have around.

Adding Biophilia to the project list of any studio is of course a great compliment to both technicians and facilities. Which is, honestly, why we are pointing it out here.

Here are a couple of articles about these hectic days in Room 313 in publications that cater to pro audio nerds:

Music Producers Guild: Mandy Parnell travels to Iceland to master Björk's 'Biophilia' album
Sound On Sound: Mastering Björk's Biophilia

We release Toggi's 'Wonderful Secrets'

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Toggi Wonderful Secrets

The big day has come, Wonderful Secrets is finished, ready, and available for you. Here is a bit of history:

Toggi has been a quite influential figure on the Icelandic music scene for the last 5 years, or since the release of his debut album Puppy late in 2006. The album received glowing reviews in the Icelandic press and sold well for a debut album. It spawned 4 crossover hits on Icelandic radio stations and was nominated to the Icelandic music awards (for best cover art, but a nomination is a nomination). Most of Toggi's adventures can be found on this site, just do a quick search...

Wonderful Secrets
has a bigger, more dynamic sound to it than Puppy, and takes quite a different direction lyricly. Where Puppy was more sincere and sweet, the new material has more humour in it and packs a heavier punch. It touches on darker themes, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, insecurities, death and of course, the Icelandic economic crisis. Each of the lyric stells a meaningful story, just as they should. 

We like extras and b-sides a lot ourselves, so with the 14 track 'Wonderful Secrets', you can purchase 12 song digital album titled 'Private Confessions & Clumsy Poetry', consisting of acoustic versions of popular songs, demos and b-sides. And if you are really clever, you can buy Puppy, Wonderful Secrets and 'Private Confessions And Clumsy Poetry' together in what is aptly named 'The Smart Bundle'. 

All songs (apart from the b-sides) are available as single downloads on iTunes, Bandcamp and Physical CDs are only available in Iceland as per now, but you can order them directly if you send us an e-mail. Oh, and remember that some of the songs are still free on this site, .:such as this one:.

We hope you enjoy: