We're back!

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Sorry about the internet silence guys. It's not like we don't have news for you!

Firstly: we've moved. Medialux Global Headquarters™ (that probably sounds bigger than it is) are now situated in a multi-studio complex in a semi-industrial part of downtown Reykjavík, with a great view of the city.

We're settling in nicely, and when everything is ready we'll post some pictures of us looking beautiful (certain terms apply) in our new workspaces.

Work-wise, we've had incredibly demanding last months, but please forgive us for neglecting this site and leaving you with christmas news all the way into February. Now it's time to show you our new stuff, and introduce new artists, give you more music and generally be more available on the interwebs.

Where are all the women?

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One of our Twitter friends had a look at our roster of producers, and pointed out that it consisted only of men. Rightly so. And the age old question arises again: Where are the women in pro audio and music production? We don't know.

Well, Women's Audio Mission, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts, are doing their best to change this, and to attract women to this genre of work. You can help by buying a t-shirt and supporting their non-profit work. (We tried to become members, but it's membership is for women only, a slight catch-22 :-)

Anyway, to our friends who work in professional audio and music production, let's make a special effort to hire and promote women in our industry. You all know it's a great cause.

You can follow WAM on Twitter .:here:., and on Facebook .:here:.

Ring and Iceland Airwaves team up...

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Iceland's biggest music festival, Iceland Airwaves is going on in every available venue in Reykjavík right now, and the whole city resonates to the music of over 300 bands.

We just finished making music to this ad for youth mobile brand Ring for their collaboration with the festival.

The spot was directed by Reynir Lyngdal for Pegasus Pictures and agency ENNEMM

Don Pedro produced the track, but due credit has to be given to Siggi Baldursson, of Sugarcubes fame, whose drums grace the intro...

Let's get connected!

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Listen. Apart from this page, which we hope you find useful, we have a Medialux Facebook Group. Members of that group get our new music releases sent for free, right to their inbox. Nothing else, no spam. (We hate spam).

We also have a Medialux Fan Page on Facebook. We post there more frequently, what we are doing, and why.

We use Twitter a lot. This much, actually.

We have a Vimeo channel, and a Soundcloud page. And then there is our Tumblr. 

In other words, with the exception of MySpace, which we honestly don't like at all and avoid like pan flutes, we're there. If you can't reach us by the means of social media, you have been trying very hard not to :-)

So, what are you waiting for? Lets connect!

Feldberg 'Sparkle' - listen here, now!

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Dynamic pop duo Feldberg have just finished their latest single, entitled 'Sparkle', and we thought you might like to give it a listen.

Sparkle started out as a song for a this beautiful ad for Goldheart Diamonds, directed By Lalli Jonsson for Playfilm and DDB Singapore. He got Eberg to produce a track for it, and the result was Sparkle, which now sees the light of day as a full length single.

Enjoy, and remember to check out Feldberg .:here:. and .:here:.

Höllin premieres on RIFF, we did our bit...

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Höllin, a documentary about one of Reykjavík's most remarkable public building (our oldest indoor swimming pool) and it's visitors, premieres on the 23rd of September at the Reykjavík International Film Festival, RIFF.

The film, directed by Héðinn Halldórsson and Steindór Gunnar Steindórsson for Mont Productions will also be aired on Icelandic State Television (RÚV) in October, and hopefully in many other countries consequentially.

The film intimately portrays the spirit of this great house, it's staff, and the people who see it as a fixed point in their existence, and a center for their social life.

It's a great film, but you know us, we wouldn't be mentioning this if it wasn't for the fact that Bjarki wrote the music for it, and Don Pedro and Addi 800 took care of all audio post production from original sound design to the final mix. Our friends at Trickshot then took care of the video post production.

All this makes us extra proud of it, and we wish it all the best once it's out there, because we all left a little bit of us in it, and burned some midnight oil to get it ready in time. Go see it if you can. It's worth it.

And guys, that poster is so nice we don't have it in us to crop it, you'll just have to scroll a little harder: